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Classes Offered

Pre-ballet for 4 year olds


Pre-ballet (5 & 6 years)


Pre-ballet 1: Pre-school age 5.

 This class is designed for our youngest ballerinas.  Students will work on strength, stretching and balance along with beginner ballet movements. Students are not expected to show perfect ballet  technique at this age.  We are trying to instill a love of ballet that will last years and hopefully your child will want to continue their ballet education.  This class is 30 minutes long.

Pre-ballet 2: Kindergarten age 6.  This is a building block off of Pre-ballet 1.  This class is designed to prepare students for further ballet training.  This class is 30 minutes long.

Pre-tap (5 & 6 years)


Pre-tap 1:  Pre-school age 5. 

 This class is designed for our tiniest tappers.  They will learn beginning tap rhythms and steps.  This class is 30 minutes long. 

Pre-tap 2: Kindergarten age 6.  

This is a building block off of Pre-tap 1 and prepares your child for further tap technique. This class is 30 minutes long.

Pre-jazz/hip hop (5 & 6 years)


Pre-Jazz/Hip Hop: class for 4-6 year olds.  Broken into age groups (level 1 - 5 years and level 2 - 6 years).  Same as the jazz/hip hop description, but presented in a fun, structured way...just for kids.  Class is 30 minutes long. 

Ballet (7 and up)


Ballet - Beginning through Advanced: ages 7 and up.  All ballet class taught by a graded training system are broken down into specific levels and is based on experience. Students must master steps taught, strength, body alignment and turn-out before advancing to the next class level.  Point class is offered to students when they have gained the correct amount of strength need to master this technique.  Pointe class is by invitation only. 

Tap (7 and up)


Tap - Beginning through Advanced: ages 7 and up.  Tap is taught through progressive grade levels working on agility and speed with a variety of rhythms. 

Jazz/Hip Hop (7 and up)


.Jazz/Hip Hop (aka Jazz Funk):  ages 7 and up.  Move and groove to your favorite music while learning jazz technique combined with today's hottest moves. All jazz/hip hop classes are taught by a graded training system and is broken down into specific levels based on experience.  

Clogging (7 and up)


Clogging:  ages 7 and up.  A traditional type of percussive folk dance.  Both traditional and current clogging styles taught.  This class is broken down into specific levels and is based on experience and skill level.  

Lyrical (7 and up)


Lyrical - Beginning through Advanced: ages 7 and up.  This class will blend elements of Lyrical and Modern dance, such as freedom of expression, interpretation of music, principles of fall and recovery, control, breathing and balance. Students will be taught modern technique while being encouraged to express their emotions and develop artistry through movement. 

Creative Movement (2 & 3 years)


Creative Movement - Parent and Tot. A class for 2 and 3 year olds. Students will enjoy keeping their busy bodies wiggling and giggling with the help of a parent as they are introduced to basic dance and tumble skills. One parent to tot ratio. 30 minute class 

AcroDance (7 and up)


AcroDance is the fusion of the artistic nation of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics.  AcroDance is not the same as gymnastics.  Skills may look the same as gymnastics, but they are taught differently to compensate for not having a sprung floor.    A progessional system developed by the Acrobatic Arts program is used in class.

Competition Team


Competition Teams:  ages 5 and up.  Audition required and time commitment depends on your child's team level.  All competition students are required to take Ballet and/or conditioning along with their competition dance style. About 5 competitions a year.  Auditions are in August. 

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